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The Return of Colored Wood by Mestre Raposa International®

Green colored windows exhibited at the Mestre Raposa International® showroom

As an innovative supplier of wooden and wood-aluminum windows, Mestre Raposa International® offers a range of possible colors, for original and personalized joinery:

Color variations are very interesting with wood, which is not possible with other materials where the choice of colors is limited. Our wooden windows are available in a range of colors and tones to meet the requirements of every project.

After many years of expertise at the service of its partners architects, contractors and industry professionals, Mestre Raposa International® has understood the importance of the language of colors and its complexity over time. Color is becoming increasingly relevant, not only for sophisticated products, but also for products of natural origin such as wood, stone and metal, and therefore also for the final design of windows and doors.

The oldest color reference still in use is “RAL CLASSIC”, invented in 1927 by the German Institute for Quality Assurance and Associated Marking, in partnership with KemaNobel (AkzoNobel’s founding company). Nine basic shades and 213 colors form part of this coding system, developed to standardize choice for professionals in the industrial sector. RAL colors are the most widely used to produce wood and wood-aluminum windows; Mestre Raposa International® works mainly with 203 colors. The complete RAL palette can be found at:

For the most demanding B2B customers, Mestre Raposa International® now offers the Natural Color System (NCS), a color classification invented in 1950 by the Stockholm Color Institute. This reference is based on 6 elementary shades considered pure. Added to this are 3 parameters that make up each element: the tint, the amount of black and the chroma. All NCS colors (2050 shades) can be found at the following link:

With the “RAL Classic” and “NCS (Natural Colour System)” color palettes, Mestre Raposa International® can offer a total of 2153 color shades.

This choice of colors for wood and wood-aluminum windows surpasses all other tint options available for aluminum or PVC joinery and is therefore an additional argument in favor of wood windows.

The Mestre Raposa International® team consistently recommends wood and wood-aluminium windows to its customers because of their high added value. The wide choice of colors is a further argument in their favor: our NCS and RAL color palettes accentuate the modern or traditional look of windows and doors.

Color Shades from the NCS Catalog

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