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How can a Manufacturer of Wooden Windows in Portugal be so Successful?

Installation of varnished wooden windows and doors in a contemporary house

When the Helmert brothers came up with the idea of founding Mestre Raposa in Portugal over 20 years ago, the idea was to introduce high-end windows and doors from Germany to an underdeveloped market like Portugal. As the quality of products on the Portuguese market was inferior, it was a good opportunity for this business idea.

From the outset, quality has been paramount, which is why Mestre Raposa International® is now a Portuguese company with an excellent reputation far beyond its borders. One of the reasons for this is the large number of foreign customers who have entrusted us with their second-home projects.

By developing our own products using different materials, we have created a distinctive range of wood and wood-aluminium windows and doors that is appreciated throughout Europe. This matter has created a great deal of interest, particularly in France., and especially since the launch of our Mouton et Gueule de loup window profile, which is often required by the public architectural services (ABF) when renovating historic monuments and protected areas.

France and Portugal have always been important economic partners, not only because of their geographical proximity but trade between the two countries has existed for centuries and has grown steadily in recent years.

This is also the background to the creation of the Mestre Raposa International® International department., with a fully bilingual French-language sales and technical team, to respond more professionally to all the requests of its French customers.

Before the introduction of Mestre Raposa International® on the French market, our company asked the FCBA technological institute in Bordeaux and the ITECONS at the University of Coimbra in Portugal to carry out technical tests on our wooden and wooden-aluminium window profiles. The results were remarkable.


An entrepreneurial success story that has continued with the creation of a branch in Paris, working mainly on the French market.

Our current ambition is also to conquer other French-speaking territories in addition to the Spanish market, where our activities began some time ago.

Our highly optimized manufacturing process is based on the use of ultra-modern CNC machines from German manufacturer Weinig. In addition to all possible window shapes in wood and wood-aluminium, which we can produce in MR68, MR78 and MR88 profiles, our product range also includes lift-and-slide doors, balcony doors, folding doors, interior and exterior shutters and windows with traditional moldings or in Mouton et Gueule de loup profile. Mestre Raposa International® identifies itself as a global supplier of joinery with a highly competitive price-quality ratio. We proudly present our range of traditional products, meticulously reproducing old wooden windows and doors, for which there is great potential in many towns in Portugal and France, as well as in many other countries in the region.

Mestre Raposa International® offers its historic Mouton et Gueule de loup profile windows in various types of wood: pine, meranti, oak and accoya ( with a guarantee ranging from 10 to 20 years.

Our exclusive focus on the B2B sector enables us to offer wooden windows at prices considerably more competitive than the market average, especially for large-scale projects. Another advantage of our state-of-the-art production facilities is our ability to produce large quantities in a short space of time.

These days, 90% of buyers use the internet to make their purchasing decisions. It is the most efficient information channel and the fastest way to process a wood or wood-aluminium project.


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