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Get to Know our Wooden Window Profiles Perfect for New Builds and Renovations

Today's projects place particular emphasis on the window profiles to be used, as well as their shapes, functions and colors

Color shades from the NCS catalog

Wood is a durable material that transmits warmth and comfort, combining not only strength and excellent sound and heat insulation, but also a rather special design and high ecological credentials, since it is 100% recyclable. Wooden windows are increasingly appreciated by architects and builders these days!

But with the multitude of wooden window profiles available, how do you know which wood to choose?

At Mestre Raposa International®, the decision couldn’t be simpler: we don’t use exotic woods for our windows, only Northern European woods: Nordic pine, oak, meranti and larch are all part of our catalogue.

Which is the right choice?

It all depends on what your project requirements are, but also on the characteristics of each type of wood: Nordic pine window profiles are more cost-effective, oak window profiles are the most durable and resistant, while meranti and larch are better known for their distinctive aesthetic qualities.

All our profiles are made from compound-veined tri-laminate wood (fibers in different directions), which increases the reliability and strength of the cladding structure.

The many geometries possible with our profiles can really transform your projects: whether they are more classic, playing on straight lines that discreetly enhance the style of facades, or more modern, using a more pronounced design to play on the sense of contemporary style, our made-to-measure wooden windows adapt to all architectural constraints, for both new construction and renovation.

You are free to choose from a range of window profiles, balcony doors and entrance doors in wood or wood-aluminium, available in a wide range of colors (NCS Catalogue), or in natural varnish (Adler Catalogue). It’s even possible to have different colors on the exterior and interior parts of the same window, to ensure perfect integration into rooms with different furnishing styles, while respecting the external character of the project.

Varnish and Paint Samples from Mestre Raposa