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FCBA Bordeaux Test Results According to EN 12207 for Mestre Raposa International® Wood and Wood-Aluminium Windows

Wooden windows from Mestre Raposa certified by the FCBA Bordeaux

Mestre Raposa is delighted with the certification of its wood and wood-aluminium window profiles by the FCBA in Bordeaux, France.

Climate change (storms, floods, excessive heat, cold snaps, etc.), which is on the increase these days, is forcing professionals in the building and civil engineering sector to adapt their products and modify their working methods. Customers are increasingly aware of the need to choose windows and doors that can withstand these extreme external factors.

The mechanical performance of a window is essentially measured by three criteria:

  • Air Permeability (ability to manage air flows to prevent them from recirculating in the house, while ensuring good ventilation).
  • Water-Resistance (ability to prevent water penetration and evacuate water infiltration and condensation).
  • Wind Resistance (ability to prevent sudden gusts of wind by not opening the window).

Based on this data, several technical institutes can carry out AEV (Air, Water and Wind) tests on exterior joinery to determine its mechanical performance.

Our MR68 mm double-glazed wooden window profile has been thoroughly tested by the FCBA technological institute in Bordeaux ( France), and the results obtained are among the best on the market, as shown below:

– Air Permeability – 4;

– Watertightness – 9A;

– Wind Resistance – C3;

In application of standards NF EN 12207, NF EN 12208, NF EN 12210, NF P20-302, NF EN 13115 and NF EN 14351-1+A2 specifying the classifications of windows and balcony-doors subject to the tests defined by standards NF P 20-501, NF EN 1026, NF EN 1027, NF EN 12211, NF EN 12046 and NF EN 14351-1+A2. For CE marking, the area of direct applicability of these results must be determined in accordance with Appendix E of NF EN 14351-1+A2

(Text of the report by the FCBA Institute in Bordeaux).


Our MR 78 mm profile has also been tested in Portugal by the ITCONS technological institute of the University of Coimbra, with equally favorable results.

Mestre Raposa International®, through the certification of its profiles by renowned institutes, offers a range of high-performance wood and wood-aluminium products, guaranteeing optimum safety of use and high energy efficiency.

Our organization provides support to architects, contractors, public institutions and renovation companies of old buildings, who are looking for high-quality products with top-level technical specifications, specially designed for the French market.

Mestre Raposa International® is a European market leader and a preferred partner for many B2B partners. Our work and marketing processes are optimized and reduced to the strict minimum, to avoid wasting time and money for the benefit our preferred partners.

The efficiency of our operational processes and the profitability of the projects we work on are at the heart of all our considerations.

We have been working professionally, efficiently and reliably for over 20 years.

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